I’m terrible

I’m so sorry my dears, I’ve not gotten to post in so long! I will have one in couple days! Promise this time 🙂 P.s- ordered a canon rebel t3 tonight! Ah can’t wait to get that baby! I’m so excited I could peeeee! P.P.S-P got me a Tiffany necklace and surprised me with it tonight “just because”! God do I love that boy.. Or should I say man.. He is 20 now..;) Please comment I’d love to read YOUR blogs.. Don’t leave me hangin 😦 Xo.


a little bit of this, & a little bit of that..

This past weekend/ beginning of the week was full of lots of random stuff.. Friday i went to Houghton for “Bridgefest” and hung out with my sister and some of her MTU friends, it was a lot of fun..got kicked out of a bar..to say the least..haha, then saturday i worked again, and then went to my aunts retirement party with my adorable cousins below. i cannot get enough of their curly hair! Then i hung out with my dear friend brianna..sunday was fathers day,my poor hard workin’ dad had to work til 2 😦 so my mother made a nice ham dinner and we had dinner..me minus the ham..i’m a veg 😉 then i went out to Parker’s grandma’s house and hung out with his fam..Monday i sat around all day..watched my mom and dad paint my room! also below picture..Oh! my mom and i went to St.Vinnies and picked up this adorable table that used to have an old sewing machine inside for 10 bucks! we were pumped! then i hung out with my sweet boy and we took a cute little bike ride by the beach..i love summer.. P.S; here is the shoot with Emily Dennis Photography! i just love them! xo. He’s allll mine 😉

photo shoot

Yesterday I had a senior-ish photoshoot with the wonderful Emily Dennis over here. She is amazing, she’s only been shooting for about a year, and pretty much taught herself everything. This year she asked me to be her “senior representative” where i would do photoshoots with her for advertisement and then she will take my senior pictures. Last night my sister Paige and I went out with her for a little sister shoot. It was sooo much fun! Emily just cracks me up! Her husband Matt was there recording the whole shoot for a video they will be making! I can’t wait to see! First we headed out to an old barn with a turquoise door! Turquoise!! It was amazing! And inside there was an old vintage car, we were in heaven! Then we went out to a friends lakefront property, but it got pretty chilly so we didn’t get many there! So check out her page! She’s awesome! Here are a few outfit pictures! I’ll be linking her blog post once she puts it up!

i think we took a wrong turn..

so, yesterday i headed up the road to Hancock to run with an old cross country coach and his team. First we stretched, did some abs and off we went, the boys together and the girls and coach. Our plan was to run about 4 miles, long story short..we’ve been running for what it seems to be a long while, i look at my watch and see 1 hour 5 minutes..holy pooop shit thats a long time, seeing as i haven’t run in 2 weeks..but any who were on a dirt road, see a truck..man helps us to school, run over..7.6 miles..ouch. needless to say i was beat..dead..so now i have to drive home 35 minutes after running 7.6 miles and only eaten a piece of banana bread for breakfast..pshh water? whats that? who drinks that? HA! well lets just say i’m near my grandparents house and i was sooo close to passing out and still had about 5 minutes to get home, yeah i definetly stopped..then came home and napped for 2 hours..hah, never “getting lost” again! But on the bright side..my favorite show was on last night Pretty Little Liars..judge on! i love it! so i watched my lovely show and drank some lovely orange tazo tea!

oops, a little late

saying this past week was busy would be an understatement, but since I’m exhausted..it’s staying at that. Well lets see, since we last spoke, well since then, I’ve…got a nice sunburn, (hot, i know) i’ve spend time with my family, and sweet boy (parker), i had a sports athletic banquet for track. Talk about put me to sleeeeep. And now were at Friday..i worked 10-7 and i was a good day, quite busier than normal. This weekend in the big town of L’Anse, Michigan was our annual Laketrout Festival, about 100 fishing boats, and a lot of people. I was kind-of man i had to work both days and didn’t get to go have fun, but it was flipping hotter than the Sahara so it was alright..Saturday i worked 8:30-6:30 (ha!) it was a joyyy, remember i work here! But let me tell you, those 10 hours sure helped my little bank account. Anywho, let see..Sunday was yesterday..and i hung out by my pool with my family and some friends, it was fun and i got my tan on. Then i spent the rest of the night with my sister, her bf Bryant, and Parker. I know, i probably seem boring…(i’m not) 😉 i’m still learnin’ here! Comment below and tell me about your week! or send me a link to your blog! xo. 

my weekend through instagram

Here are a few pictures from my weekend..i was sooooo busy, but it was all fun. Saturday was track UP finals which consisted of waking up at 6:30 riding a bus for an hour and a half, running the first event {3200 relay}. Freezing my bee-hind off all day to run the last event {1600 relay}. Other than the freezing and waiting, it was a good day. Then Sunday we had my baby brothers birthday party.. I cannot believe he is already seven..sniffle..sniffle. This spoiled little guy got a dirt bike..and boy was he happy! So needless to say i am pretty tired today, and probably going to do a lot of sitting around..but i mean who doesn’t like to do that! Have a wonderful week, for whoever is taking their lovely time to read this 🙂 and thanks! xo.