oops, a little late

saying this past week was busy would be an understatement, but since I’m exhausted..it’s staying at that. Well lets see, since we last spoke, well since then, I’ve…got a nice sunburn, (hot, i know) i’ve spend time with my family, and sweet boy (parker), i had a sports athletic banquet for track. Talk about put me to sleeeeep. And now were at Friday..i worked 10-7 and i was a good day, quite busier than normal. This weekend in the big town of L’Anse, Michigan was our annual Laketrout Festival, about 100 fishing boats, and a lot of people. I was kind-of man i had to work both days and didn’t get to go have fun, but it was flipping hotter than the Sahara so it was alright..Saturday i worked 8:30-6:30 (ha!) it was a joyyy, remember i work here! But let me tell you, those 10 hours sure helped my little bank account. Anywho, let see..Sunday was yesterday..and i hung out by my pool with my family and some friends, it was fun and i got my tan on. Then i spent the rest of the night with my sister, her bf Bryant, and Parker. I know, i probably seem boring…(i’m not) 😉 i’m still learnin’ here! Comment below and tell me about your week! or send me a link to your blog! xo. 


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