i think we took a wrong turn..

so, yesterday i headed up the road to Hancock to run with an old cross country coach and his team. First we stretched, did some abs and off we went, the boys together and the girls and coach. Our plan was to run about 4 miles, long story short..we’ve been running for what it seems to be a long while, i look at my watch and see 1 hour 5 minutes..holy pooop shit thats a long time, seeing as i haven’t run in 2 weeks..but any who were on a dirt road, see a truck..man helps us to school, run over..7.6 miles..ouch. needless to say i was beat..dead..so now i have to drive home 35 minutes after running 7.6 miles and only eaten a piece of banana bread for breakfast..pshh water? whats that? who drinks that? HA! well lets just say i’m near my grandparents house and i was sooo close to passing out and still had about 5 minutes to get home, yeah i definetly stopped..then came home and napped for 2 hours..hah, never “getting lost” again! But on the bright side..my favorite show was on last night Pretty Little Liars..judge on! i love it! so i watched my lovely show and drank some lovely orange tazo tea!


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