a little bit of this, & a little bit of that..

This past weekend/ beginning of the week was full of lots of random stuff.. Friday i went to Houghton for “Bridgefest” and hung out with my sister and some of her MTU friends, it was a lot of fun..got kicked out of a bar..to say the least..haha, then saturday i worked again, and then went to my aunts retirement party with my adorable cousins below. i cannot get enough of their curly hair! Then i hung out with my dear friend brianna..sunday was fathers day,my poor hard workin’ dad had to work til 2 😦 so my mother made a nice ham dinner and we had dinner..me minus the ham..i’m a veg 😉 then i went out to Parker’s grandma’s house and hung out with his fam..Monday i sat around all day..watched my mom and dad paint my room! also below picture..Oh! my mom and i went to St.Vinnies and picked up this adorable table that used to have an old sewing machine inside for 10 bucks! we were pumped! then i hung out with my sweet boy and we took a cute little bike ride by the beach..i love summer.. P.S; here is the shoot with Emily Dennis Photography! i just love them! xo. He’s allll mine 😉


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