my fourth with the rebel..

My fourth of July was great..and I hope yours was as well. Although the fireworks got cancelled, due to a big storm, it was a great time with family.

Yesterday I went to Pictured Rocks in Munising, MI with Parker and some good friends! It was a lot of fun, and today i look like Rudolph.. These pictures were taken on my <i>new</i> canon rebel t3..i’m in  love, but not very good at using it yet! It’s gonna take some time! So if anyone has any good tips! Let me know 🙂

Sorry for the very few has been extremely slow..and this girl has no patience..follow me on instagram! username is allisonk112012 🙂


our cute little "weekend"

Why hello, again! 😉 So, Parker has kind-of a messed up work schedule, and he gets Wednesday/Thursday off! So pretty much when all the fun stuff is going on, he has to miss out.. 😦 poor guy..but this “weekend” was a lot of fun time with just us. Tuesday he was a hard workin’ man til about 5 and then he came over and we just relaxed by my pool and got a little sun, and then he decides we should go to the beach and pick beach glass..he’s such a sweetheart. (just wait, it gets better;) so first we go to this little spot on the lake..pictured below. And were walkin’ around, la de da..i’m just soaking in all the beautiful-ness of Lake Superior, and this smoking’ hott guy comes up behind me(parker;) and hold out an adorable little blue bag..from…TIFFANY..TIFFANY people..this guy is something else..i didn’t even know what to do..say..or anything! so i just kinda let out a squeal, and said “thank you!”*surprised look on face*. Then he just says of course, like its no big deal..yup ladies, he’s that sweet 😉 so then from there, me with my little giddy-like 5 year old that just came out of the candy store look..and him with his cute-big muscle self get back into the car and go pick some beach glass..and drift wood. Let’s just say that night i did not go to bed with a frown! Yesterday was pretty laid-back and we just painted some drift wood, and laid out by the was nice to say the least. i mean what can get better than a muscular boyfriend with tanning oil on..pretty much nothin’! 😉 so then later on in the day we went out to his brothers and soon to be sister-in-law’s house by the lake and just was nice 🙂 Oh, i almost forgot..about my new should be in 2 freakin’ days after the i won’t even get to try it out there! i’m not a happy camper about that! but anywhooooo..i’ll catchya lataaaa! 😉 xo.