A new start..

Thursday started my final year in highschool, the last time I’ll spend all night looking to find the “right” outfit for the first day, the last time I’ll get to walk in the doors of LHS on the first day of school. It felt wonderful..I just have this feeling that the year is going to be great! Although I can’t wait to start my first year of college, I definetly need to enjoy my senior year as much as I can. Let me tell you, I am so excited to go to college so I can be completely drama-free. I could care less whose sleeping with who..etc! Seriously, in my small town everyone is up in everyones business..everyone knows everyone..literally..it’s no fun. I’m jealous of all you city people, and I’m not just saying that..I’d love to go to a school where hardly anyone knows each other. I thought that it would be a good time to start blogging again, like I said.. a new start. I’ve been busy with cross country lately, it has been really fun..sometimes it’s a struggle, but gosh is it a good feeling crossing that fnish line knowing you took off 2 whole minutes off your previous time. 22:20 🙂 I’m proud of that..my best time ever. My sister Paige is running for Ferris State and she loves it! She had her first meet and got 12th..I’m so proud of her, and taking Pre-Pharm classes! Well I hope I will get to be on here more..it doesn’t really help having a slow computer..Oh and by the way, today school got cancelled due to a major water line breakage in our town..pretty nice little break. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

                                                           First day with my baby brother:

The UP never fails to impress me:
I just love them:

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