Ice day

Today school was cancelled because the roads were too icy to drive! No complaining over here! 😉 it was really nice and relaxing since I had a basketball game last night. I was so glad we didn’t have to have practice today! I’m so ready for the season to be over, it’s been dragging on! So today I did absolutely nothing besides helped my mom get some stuff organized for graduation, scary, huh?! Also I am so Excited and new Pretty Little Liars comes on tonight! It’s getting sooo good, and poor spencer, right!? 😦 anyway, I hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday! I’m hoping to do an outfit post sometime soon, so watch out for it!




This pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment. This week is exam week, and not only did I have to study, I also have three basketball games this week, so last night I didn’t get home until 11 and then had to cram for my exams today. Thank goodness tomorrow I have easy exams so tonight is pretty relaxing! I caught up on Pretty Little Liars! Gah! Tell me Byron is totally creepy, right?? Well I hope everyone has a great rest of this week! Comment below and leave your blog so I can check it out!
Goodnight loves!


        Tonight as I lay in bed and write this, I think of all the amazing things that God has given me. This amazing life I have to live, to be whatever I want, and whoever I want to be. My amazing family to help me accomplish whatever it is I want to be, to be there when I am sad, and to laugh with me when I am happy. Not a day goes by that I don’t realize how grateful I am to be healthy, happy, and to have all the love in the world.
        Recently my boyfriends aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, and this was horrible news to everyone, no one seen it coming. She has recently undergone chemotherapy and will very soon lose all of her hair. She is such a beautiful woman and I would just like everyone, if anyone does follow, to please keep Parker’s family and aunt Sue in your prayers. She is one amazing and strong woman, and I know she can fight this battle and win!
       This has made me think and realize all of the things I have to be thankful for. Just being able to say I am healthy and can do anything I can possibly imagine, even the littlest thing like walk. Or that I am able to say I am seventeen years old…it breaks my heart to see awful things like cancer or shootings take the lives of such young people.
       Tonight I will go to bed, say my prayers, and remember all that I am thankful for, and thank Him.

Miley and I wearing PINK for aunt sue 🙂
and one of us all!