There should be a day between Saturday and Sunday.

This weekend went by way too fast! I hate Sundays, because that means Parker has to go back to Marquette and leave me 😦 I get lonely during the week.. I cannot wait to graduate! We had a really fun weekend though, Friday I went to get my hair done with my mom and Saturday Parker and I hung out just the two of us for once, and then went ice fishing! It was soooo cold, and I normally hate going outside, but I figured I’d be a nice girlfriend so I went and it was okay.. 😉 at least I was with him. Then we took a hot tub at my aunties to finish the night off! 🙂
Today, Sunday.. I waited for P to get done fishing with his dad, and then we went snowshoeing with some friends! It was fun.. And there were a lot of laughs from falling!
I definitely got my fair share of fresh air, and I hate to admit it but it was nice 🙂 maybe the cold isn’t thaaaat bad.. 😉 I’m hoping for no school tomorrow! Roads are naaasttyyyy..eeek! 🙂
Night loves!

Ps! I made my first vine, check it out! Also follow me on Instagram to see more 🙂


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