Senior "stuff"

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of things for the end of the year, graduation, etc! It’s been super crazy busy..! I went to traverse city for a HOSA competition and I have a few pictures from the week there!

I also had a National Honors Society ceremony for the new members, I had to speak, and let me tell you.. Talk about some major red face action on this girlllll :/ one day ill get over that fear..

Other than all of that I’ve been super stressed.. I feel like I can’t go a night without thinking how horrible it is going to be when Parker leaves this summer..I’m like a little baby when it comes to him leaving me! Also graduation and thinking of how soon I will be on my own in this cruel world.. Kind of frightens me! But I’ll make it 🙂


While I was out…

I feel absolutely horrible it’s been two months since I wrote! But seriously, I really do! I feel like this summer I will make it a priority to write. I think writing will help ease the time while P is away. Since I haven’t wrote I have a lot tell..!

I went to Lansing for Youth in Government and it was awesome!
I could say I went on a luxurious vacation for spring break…but unfortunately it was far from that..:(
I sat home all spring break with Parker, but that’s always nice!
P joined the National Guard, and he leaves for basic the end of may ;'(((( << literally me..
I’ve been so busy with scholarships, end of the year crap for graduation, gah. So ready to be done!
Oh yeah I have 26 days left..nbd 😉
I toured the nursing buildings at NMU and it was so awesome, mannequins that can give birth, sayyyy whaaaaatt?! Yeah, it was totally awesome!
Have I said I can’t wait to graduate!?
The NCAA Basketball game tonight…! GO BLUEEE!
Well I’ll be heading downstate Wednesday! So have a good week everyone 🙂

Also I’ll be writing a more formal post sooooon! So keep your eyes open 😉 I’m gonna need some help from all you lovelies 🙂