Graduation & Brody Strong!

So I know I said a long time ago that I would post pictures from my grad party…so here they areeeee! Yeah yeah i know its been like weeks. shhh! I’m not very good at this! 
Graduation has come and gone and now I’m just working, babysitting and getting tan BURNT 😦 
An older guy came into my work and told me that if it was christmas time I could be making some money….is that is hint toward i could play Rudolph!? Also I had orientation last week, and it was sooo boring…did i say i cant believe i’m going to college…

Some things I would like to share:

Parker enlisted in the military today…Eeekk..:/
He leaves for basic training September 3rd.. that is going to be a looooong 4 months..

Our close friends little boy has recently been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor..please PRAY PRAY PRAY and stay BRODY STRONG!

please “Like” there facebook page if you could

^^^^ dessert table :)))

I decided to sway away from the normal “picture boards” and found these adorable teeny clothespins and hung up my pictures with those on some twine!

^^ my mom handmade this banner with my great-grandmothers sheets!

My daddy-o and I before graduation!

^^^ I DID IT!! 🙂

love this guy 😉