Morning Thoughts..

This morning as I sat outside on my deck drinking coffee and collecting my thoughts I thought of how lucky I really am. I am able to do whatever it is in this world that I want to do, whenever I want to do it. I am able to talk, walk, ride a bike, sit outside and not feel scared. Today is a day where I am so thankful for the rights we have as American citizens. I am thankful for this little town of 2,000 people that I live in, and knowing that when I go out people are genuinely nice. When I was younger I used to hate this small town, and thought there was nothing here..but as I’ve grown, I’ve started to realize that I don’t ever want to move far away. This town is amazing and we take for granted being surrounded by the fresh Great Lakes. Not many people can walk from their house 10 minutes to fresh, clean water.

^^ view from across the bay, the castle-like building is my highschool 🙂
I think it’s pretty great here!
Comment and let me know what beautiful places you live in 🙂


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