A day of nothing

I’d like to mark this one down in the books to be one of the most unproductive days of my life. It’s one of those days where P is gone and won’t be back until tomorrow, so I’m not going to worry about showering, or getting up off the couch. I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of prison break episodes..I. CAN’T. STOP.. seriously thought, Wentworth Miller..maybe that’s why I can’t seem to press that dirty little pause button. If you are unaware of who he is, I suggest you click your little Google search bar and type that gorgeous mans name in! I triple-dog-dare ya’!

So this post is extremely pointless, and on a side note it is about 45 degrees out, and it is July 27th..beat that. I bet you all wanna move to Michigan now dontcha’ 😉


well, I’m off to watch another episode..





p.s. Not sure if switching from Blogger was that great of an idea.. :/


One thought on “A day of nothing

  1. You know, productivity is overrated anyway. Happiness is number one. I once did a challenge of “30 days of super productivity” and it made me look at the word productivity much differently. We tend to only look at productivity in marketing/business terms. But if we break it down, everything is productive if it is producing something. Your watching Prison Break, I would guess, is producing happiness with you. That’s my kind of productivity. 🙂

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