My love-hate relationship

The past four years of high school I ran on my varsity cross country team. We ran so many miles a week that we couldn’t even keep track. I was in the best shape of my life, and I LOVED it, but I also HATED it. I’m sure all of you who are runners understand this feeling, but anyways onto my point.

I haven’t ran since cross country last August and it has felt so weird.. I just quit cold turkey, and that was probably one of the worst decisions I’ve made, because now here I am like an 80 year old woman trying to get back into that tip top shape….not so easy..but I’ve started, Yesterday I ran/walked and today I did the same. I’m going to take an easy approach because I want to LOVE running again. I’m not the type who is driven by competition. I’m driven to run for myself, and to accomplish goals for myself.

I’d love to hear your stories as well 🙂

Oh, and I’m going on a hot date with my man tonight 😉



2 thoughts on “My love-hate relationship

  1. Hi there! I totally get the stopped running then re-starting again. I ran all through high school and college but didn’t pick it back up again for a couple of years after. The way I get through it is to run with someone. That way we rely on each other to go. Good Luck with it!

    P.S. sign up for a race, that is sure to get you going again.

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