What are you thankful for? This is normally the question that is popped once or twice during this time of the year. I am so blessed that I have so much to be thankful for, my health, amazing family, the best guy I could ask for, being able to go to school, a loving home to go back to when I get sick of the dorms, little letters my sister sends me to brighten my day, and my list could go on. I know during November people post little things on Facebook each day saying what they are thankful for, but does just putting a couple words really bring out your true thankfulness. I do not think so, go out there and show people you are thankful for them, do a good deed..that will show so much more than just posting a simple status on Facebook. I am so excited to be on break for Thanksgiving and to spend this great holiday with the amazing, loving people I have in my life. As I get older, I am starting to appreciate my family more than before. I used to be selfish and just think everyone has it like I do, but really some people don’t have what I have, and I am so thankful for being this lucky to have wonderful people in my life.

Usually, for Thanksgiving my family doesn’t really do “dinner”, we normally do lunch. Just around half-time of the football game. I’m not really that much of a football fan, so I could care less. But my family on the other hand…..they are crazy about football, so we usually all eat in the dining room/kitchen while the game is on. Afterwards I head out with Parker to Grandma Eva’s house for dinner. It is a big thing for her to have everyone out for dinner, and she loves bringing out her fine china for special occasions like this. I really am thankful to get to experience two thanksgivings that are totally different atmospheres, and I really enjoy both!


I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving and students/family driving home, be safe!!!

P.S: What are some of your family traditions that you do for thanksgiving, whether it be dishes or just traditions?

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How cute are these little guys?! And that place mat is such a great idea! xoxo


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