Pillow Thoughts..

Sometimes I wonder why life has to be so crazy. Why is it that one day we are happy as a can be and jumping for joy, yet the next we feel as if we have never been more down.

Yesterday I was extremely excited to come back to school and start this semester, knowing things would be much different since my best friend transferred to a school closer to her hometown. I was still excited, optimistic, and ready to take on this semester.

Today when I got here I started to get a little bored, gloomy, and just not really feeling it. I wish Syd was here and I could just run down to her room in the hall below me and we could talk for hours, but I know that I wont be able to anymore. I guess I just need to learn to accept change, and that is something I am horrible at.

If that’s one thing I would tell you about if we met would be that I hate change. Another is, I’ve discovered I am ALOT more shy than I thought I was and college has definitely showed me that. Slowly I will learn to be more confident and willing to go out and be the first one to say something to someone, but for now I will stick to the few friends I have here.

Classes start tomorrow and I know I need to change my attitude again and get motivated, I know I will.. Tomorrow is a new day..

That’s all for tonight.



P.S– for those of you starting classes as well, good luck and kick this semesters butt! 😉

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|| 2014 || a new year *

2014 I am ready for you!

I am going to make this year one to remember. I want to start setting goals for myself, and sticking to them. I feel like 2013 was a slacker year for me, sort-of. I want to stay positive, do great in school, and stick to my goals. I follow casey from http://www.thewiegands.com and every year she picks a word and so I decided I would link-up and do the same. I want to try and post more often, and make my posts more full. I will be taking a website construction class and I am so excited to learn more about html..etc. and use it on my blog! This is one goal I would really like to fulfill. If anyone has any pointers on spicing up this silly little blog, PLEASE let me know 🙂

I would also like to do more, and not be so afraid. My whole life I have been afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone, and I think I got that from my mom. I’m not sure why, but as I get older, I am getting more shy. That is something I want to change!

I really hope this is a great, productive year!

Let me know what some of your goals are for this year, i would love to hear from you all! 🙂