What are you thankful for? This is normally the question that is popped once or twice during this time of the year. I am so blessed that I have so much to be thankful for, my health, amazing family, the best guy I could ask for, being able to go to school, a loving home to go back to when I get sick of the dorms, little letters my sister sends me to brighten my day, and my list could go on. I know during November people post little things on Facebook each day saying what they are thankful for, but does just putting a couple words really bring out your true thankfulness. I do not think so, go out there and show people you are thankful for them, do a good deed..that will show so much more than just posting a simple status on Facebook. I am so excited to be on break for Thanksgiving and to spend this great holiday with the amazing, loving people I have in my life. As I get older, I am starting to appreciate my family more than before. I used to be selfish and just think everyone has it like I do, but really some people don’t have what I have, and I am so thankful for being this lucky to have wonderful people in my life.

Usually, for Thanksgiving my family doesn’t really do “dinner”, we normally do lunch. Just around half-time of the football game. I’m not really that much of a football fan, so I could care less. But my family on the other hand…..they are crazy about football, so we usually all eat in the dining room/kitchen while the game is on. Afterwards I head out with Parker to Grandma Eva’s house for dinner. It is a big thing for her to have everyone out for dinner, and she loves bringing out her fine china for special occasions like this. I really am thankful to get to experience two thanksgivings that are totally different atmospheres, and I really enjoy both!


I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving and students/family driving home, be safe!!!

P.S: What are some of your family traditions that you do for thanksgiving, whether it be dishes or just traditions?

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How cute are these little guys?! And that place mat is such a great idea! xoxo


Oh, Anthro..

I’ve seriously been dying over this Anthro jacket ever since I saw it on Naomi from “Love Taza”. This is the most perfect coat I’ve ever seen, and go figure I’m too late to the party.. So if anyone knows of anyone/anywhere selling this adorable jacket please let me know!! Im dying to get my hands on one!


A day of nothing

I’d like to mark this one down in the books to be one of the most unproductive days of my life. It’s one of those days where P is gone and won’t be back until tomorrow, so I’m not going to worry about showering, or getting up off the couch. I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of prison break episodes..I. CAN’T. STOP.. seriously thought, Wentworth Miller..maybe that’s why I can’t seem to press that dirty little pause button. If you are unaware of who he is, I suggest you click your little Google search bar and type that gorgeous mans name in! I triple-dog-dare ya’!

So this post is extremely pointless, and on a side note it is about 45 degrees out, and it is July 27th..beat that. I bet you all wanna move to Michigan now dontcha’ 😉


well, I’m off to watch another episode..





p.s. Not sure if switching from Blogger was that great of an idea.. :/

Morning Thoughts..

This morning as I sat outside on my deck drinking coffee and collecting my thoughts I thought of how lucky I really am. I am able to do whatever it is in this world that I want to do, whenever I want to do it. I am able to talk, walk, ride a bike, sit outside and not feel scared. Today is a day where I am so thankful for the rights we have as American citizens. I am thankful for this little town of 2,000 people that I live in, and knowing that when I go out people are genuinely nice. When I was younger I used to hate this small town, and thought there was nothing here..but as I’ve grown, I’ve started to realize that I don’t ever want to move far away. This town is amazing and we take for granted being surrounded by the fresh Great Lakes. Not many people can walk from their house 10 minutes to fresh, clean water.

^^ view from across the bay, the castle-like building is my highschool 🙂
I think it’s pretty great here!
Comment and let me know what beautiful places you live in 🙂

Graduation & Brody Strong!

So I know I said a long time ago that I would post pictures from my grad party…so here they areeeee! Yeah yeah i know its been like weeks. shhh! I’m not very good at this! 
Graduation has come and gone and now I’m just working, babysitting and getting tan BURNT 😦 
An older guy came into my work and told me that if it was christmas time I could be making some money….is that is hint toward i could play Rudolph!? Also I had orientation last week, and it was sooo boring…did i say i cant believe i’m going to college…

Some things I would like to share:

Parker enlisted in the military today…Eeekk..:/
He leaves for basic training September 3rd.. that is going to be a looooong 4 months..

Our close friends little boy has recently been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor..please PRAY PRAY PRAY and stay BRODY STRONG!

please “Like” there facebook page if you could

^^^^ dessert table :)))

I decided to sway away from the normal “picture boards” and found these adorable teeny clothespins and hung up my pictures with those on some twine!

^^ my mom handmade this banner with my great-grandmothers sheets!

My daddy-o and I before graduation!

^^^ I DID IT!! 🙂

love this guy 😉


Graduation is coming this Thursday..!?

What?! Am I dreaming?! This cant be..i’m only 17..i feel like a baby still..ahhhh!

(just a little snippet of whats been going on in my head)

This week is going to be extremely busy, so my mom and I have been setting up our house a little so we aren’t behind at all. She made the cutest bunting banner with my name on it, but i’m not going to show you quite yet 😉 you’ll have to wait until next week to see! Instead of doing the whole usual picture boards, I hung up my pictures with teeny clothespins, and let me tell you..they are sooo freeeekking cute! I serioulsly could hang up everything in my house with them!

Anyway…graduation is Thursday, and then we have our “Lock-In” Thursday night..
I’m so excited to start this next chapter of my life…but there will be lots of teary eyes to follow….

Senior "stuff"

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of things for the end of the year, graduation, etc! It’s been super crazy busy..! I went to traverse city for a HOSA competition and I have a few pictures from the week there!

I also had a National Honors Society ceremony for the new members, I had to speak, and let me tell you.. Talk about some major red face action on this girlllll :/ one day ill get over that fear..

Other than all of that I’ve been super stressed.. I feel like I can’t go a night without thinking how horrible it is going to be when Parker leaves this summer..I’m like a little baby when it comes to him leaving me! Also graduation and thinking of how soon I will be on my own in this cruel world.. Kind of frightens me! But I’ll make it 🙂